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Some footage taken from our most popular dive sites.

Poor Knights Islands Diving - World Class

Sharks, sting rays, scorpion fish, moray, pink maomao, blue maomao, john dory, kelp and sea lettuce, kina and koheru, king fish, Northern Arch, Blue Maomao Arch….it simply does not get any better than this! (Simon Enderby took this amazing footage)

The Tui : Ten Years after Sinking.

On the 20th February 1999, The ex-HMNZS Tui was sunk off the Tutukaka Coast to create a world class diving attraction, and artificial reef. Ten years later, she is teeming with life and a total advocate for marine reserves, as this footage shows.

Underwater Extreme Ironing 2005

Underwater Extreme Ironing is a challenging sport, that demands committment and focus from its athletes. This event was held under water, beside the Waikato wreck, at a depth of 28 metres, off the Tutukaka Coast.

All Whites Seal Supporters at the Poor Knights

NZ fur seals being very playful at the by Poor Knights Islands, music by the Red Sea Buoys, Todos Los Blancos.

Diving the Tui and the Waikato

The Tui and Waikato were sunk in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The amount of growth and fish life, combined with these purpose sunk dive wrecks, gives a fantastic dive, and the ultimate wreck training ground ten minutes off the Tutukaka Coast.

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